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Introduction to the bicycle race

The bicycle race?

A bicycle race that took place as a representative of Japan, Tetsuya Agata, "King of Gambling".
Deep depth of the game itself, interesting to infer deployment is outstanding compared with any other gambling.
At first glance, it is often thought that the bicycle race prediction is difficult, but such a thing is not at all.
Even the races that only the unknown athlete has run can be predicted quite concretely even if you understand even the basics of the forecast.
"Who is the bicycle race? How can I get a gimmick ticket?"Let's try a little research.


What is air resistance?

Bicycle racing is a competition where nine players pile the bank circle and usually run about 2000 m (the exact distance varies depending on the form of the bicycle racetrack), competing for who will goal at the top. The bicycle race is a fight against air resistance. Players run a bank of one row of sticks so that they do not have to receive air resistance as much as possible.
After all! The head gets tired! Easy chin, easy chin !!
As you can not get out of the kotatsu on a cold day in the winter, as a bicycle racer is able to feel the wind In order to jump out from the back of the competitor, it is necessary to put in spirit and to jump out based on the timing and the wear and tear of your leg strength (see the figure on the right).


Corner name Bank circumference

There are three kinds of perimeters of Japanese bank race track banks, 500 meters (Gohiak), 400 meters (Yonghyak), 333 meters (Sunsan). In "Bicycle Ring Forecast Iloha's B", I will talk about the explanation of the 400 m bank, which is the most orthodox circumference.


(1) Start line
(2) goal line
(3) HS (home stretch)
(4) BS (back stretch)
(5) Back stretch line
(6) 1 corner (1 corner)
(7) 1 C (1 center)
(8) Two corners
(9) triangle
(10) 2C
(11) Four corners


Race flow

The bicycle race starts with a gun that signals start. When the gun rings, each car jumps out from the launch pad all at once. And there is no such thing as it seems to be a fierce competition for leadership ... I wonder if there is anything like that. Although it jumps out from the launch pad, until the race remaining is about 600 m, we will lay lined with a laptop while staying in a row of sticks. This is because players running at the head receive a large wind pressure, while athletes running on the count (the position just behind the athlete running at the beginning of the row) can preserve leg strength without receiving wind pressure.
If nine players were running in a row with a row of 2000m at a high pace, the second player would be a big victory. By releasing the preserved leg strength at a stretch just before the goal, you can get rid of a fatigued leader with a cool face. So, no one wants to run at the beginning of the line until it is enough to struggle to the goal while maintaining top speed (the distance at which a player can keep running at full speed " "The distance you are faced is different from person to person. So the bicycle produced something to be an inducer. The leader runs at the top of the row and receives wind (air resistance). Since the leaders are not participating in the race, no matter how much wind you get, it will not affect the race. The director is guiding the players until the race is about 600 m left, while keeping a constant pace which is not too fast but too fast. Meanwhile, the players arrange their turns in line and prepare for future fighting.

By the way, when the race reached around the rest (600 m left)A bellA ring called a bell rings. It is a bell telling players and audiences the beginning of the fight. At this point the leader will be out of the bank and the race will move to the high speed state. Because players will be able to continue struggling to the goal if it is about 400 m left. These players are planning to escape to the goal without giving it to the numbered players (in the last straight line, saying "omitting the marked players" is called "feeding"). Or, I am attentive to say, "I may be put on by a county player but I will stick within three clothes." They are running with their own power while receiving air resistance at the beginning of the rowlead offIt is called a player. As I ran at the top of the line to escape from the following players,"Runaway shop"Also called. Although the air resistance is received at the beginning of the line like this, the tactics trying to struggle with the guts and the goallead offis. The tactic of self-power is based on the timing of trick (timing to start struggling)"Runaway (preceding)"When"Turning (rolling)"It is classified into. As in the example above, the gimmick from the remaining 400 m is called "escape (leading)". Also, let's say that someone is trying to escape, and after the remaining 200 to 300 meters, a mechanism that tries to remove the top players in a stroke is called "turning". In the final lap, the fierce competition among the players will be fierce.
Own player (runaway shop) fights by choosing between "run away (leading)" and "turning". Even athletes who are aiming for "turning", if they are self-players, they are called "runaway shops". I grabbed roughly the difference between "escape (leading)" and "turning" from the figure below.


【Last lap HS】


【Last lap BS】


Through such a process, nine players will reach the final straight line which is a climax. The distance to the goal is only a little after coming here. All the athletes aim at the goal with full power so as to use up the remaining leg strength.

Well, the story returns, but until the final straight line, the players are stuck behind their own players. Furthermore, behind it there are usually third-ranked players hooked up (right figure). We refer to these players lining behind our own players as other players. After entering the final straight line, it is time for other players to finally come. The strategy of other players is to run behind someone so that they do not receive air resistance, and at the last minute, it is the tactic that aims at upper level by demonstrating oneself at the last 50 m. There are not a few players saying "There is no choice but to do so because only 50 meters can run on its own." Anyway, if you enter the final straight line, it is a soldier who drives you like angrily. This tactics"Driving"I call it. In addition, the tactic between myself (escape, turning) and pursuit"freely"I call it. Because free players are good at unprecedented strategies, it is often to open holes. "Is it self or fortunate?", A frustrating man who plagues customers and players' heads, that is a freak house.


※ 1: 2 corners

lead off lead off Advantages There is no worry that it will be obstructed because you are running at the top. It is difficult to crumble.
Disadvantages If you do not have a stamina, you will be given a straight line to follow-up, so it is difficult to take one.
burst past Compete leg strength as compared to "escape", so it is easy to take one out of "escape".
Disadvantages of obstacles such as disadvantage blocks (see next page).
Extraordinary power Pursuing Leg power can be preserved up to nearly four corners.
Disadvantages If you defeat yourself, you lose your own defeat.

What is a line?

Bicycle racing is usually done by nine players. There is almost 3 escape shops in one race in one race. The remaining 6 people are chasing players. Because the overtaking player does not want to receive air resistance, each six people will mark nature and a runner (to pursue another player exactly in order to avoid beings from wind pressure). The position just behind the escape shop is called the count. If there are three escape shops, it will be three places. Another follower will follow one by one after the counted player. The position of this player is called third position. Like this, the nine players are divided into groups of 2 to 4 people who run away and run in line. This group is called a line. For bicycle racing, this line has a very important meaning. The line creates numerous bargaining and drama.
Incidentally, there are three escape shops, and the fact that the line is divided into three is called the third fight. In the bicycle race is the most orthodox line separation. If two lines are two, we say it is a two minute fight. If there are 4 lines, we say "4 minutes fight" or "out of coma". There may be only one line. This is called "run away" or "preceding car".
* In addition, it is not necessarily that the pursuit player always has the goal (own player who seems to be able to easily mark himself) in the race where he / she runs. If you do not have the goal, you will choose between 4th and 5th place of some line or whether you will intercept the count of other lines. By the way, we call the latter 's countdown driver' bidding '. The race with "bidding" is a powerful full mark. Please give me the way to the end of the man 's way of fighting in danger by knowing it.


Lines reduce air resistance?

The role of the line is not only to reduce air resistance. I summarized it into the following three points.

A. Interruption in the course of other lines
B. For the runaway player, ask him to reduce the air resistance or take him to a good position
C. The players on the same line are basically friends, so reduce the number of enemies for own players

(However, if you enter the final straight line, we will aim for the goal with all your strength with no enemy ally)

The most important part of ABC is the obstruction of A's path. Successful jamming directly leads to victory of the line. It also leads to your own profit for self-players and forced players. So jamming is important. There are various kinds of course disturbance. Among them, the blocking strategy that you see very often is "block". Just understanding "block" makes it easier to infer the development of the race a lot. Please do not forget to cast "Block" in your head.


Denial blockage (block)

There are not many fans who say the best thrill of bicycle racing is the block. Sometimes, "block" is a blockage caused by forcible / exhilarating / body-hitting that also causes a falling car. Besides "block", there are ways of saying "to work" "to stretch" "to puncture". Let's see what the block is from the next illustration explanation.

As in the illustration below, the block has the effect of turning off turning. When a player who is good at block marks it, the refugee feels encouraging. In such a case, the runaway shop actively escapes. There is no more pleasure if the escape shop that you mark will escape as a runaway player. That's why the chasing player also blocks hard. In this way, a relationship that keeps holds is born between the runner and the runaway player.


【Final round 2 corners】
* Fly: to sink outside


* However, please be careful as there are times when you can not block even if you are a good follower of a block. I can not block it if the speed of the winding player is steadily fast. Well, the battle around here will become natural as we watch the race.

  • 進路妨害(ブロック)

    【Last lap BS】

  • 進路妨害(ブロック)

    【Last round triangle】
    ※ 1: triangle

  • 進路妨害(ブロック)

    【Last round 2C】


Dividing path between winner and loser

When nine players who are going to a certain race are equal in strength, the factors that determine the outcome of the race are roughly divided into two.

A. You are in a good position (within the 4th to 5th position) when you go round the final 4 corners
B. Leg leg strength remaining to end 50 meters to the goal at the time of turning the last 4 corners

If you can satisfy these two conditions, you can say that a pair of players (entering within 2 clothes) is hard.
See the example on the right as an example. This is the scene where No. 1 came in good condition and came up to 2C. It is difficult for seventh, eighth and ninth to win if this positional relationship is reached. As long as there is a difference in leg strength or other players are not kept battered, there is no consolation of number 7. This is because seventh satisfies the condition of B, but does not satisfy the condition of A. Now, when number 7 struggled with full power, I can not catch up to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th which have the same leg strength.
In order to fulfill these two conditions A and B, athletes hit various bargains during the race. I will deal with each other, deceive you, scramble.

  • 勝者と敗者の分かれ道

    【Last round 2C】
    ※ 1: triangle
    ※ 2: 2C
    ※ 3: Four corners

  • 勝者と敗者の分かれ道

    【Final round 4 corners】

  • 勝者と敗者の分かれ道

    【Final lap before G】