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Keirin Introduction

The bicycle race?

Bicycle racing is the king of gambling!

Bicycle race expected, will be likened to a well brain training. Many reasoning elements, because there is a depth, such as if they were challenged like any time puzzle ring. There is laughter born precisely because hardball tears There realistic drama!
A certain great person says, "When you see a good race there is more satisfaction than seeing a good movie."

Fast fortune! To one hundred million yen!

Best triple single refund amount past yen 4,760,700! (March 2010).
The total of races where a refund of over 1 million yen was made in 2009 one year is 33 races!


Extraordinary! 60 cm!

The thickness of the thighs of the professional cyclist is about 60cm!
Inside, it is a player exceeding 70 cm!
The explosive power that the lower half of the person who got away from him is awesome!


Speed ​​of 70 km / h with bicycle!

High-speed incredible to manpower!
Leave out adrenaline in sight in at a speed of 70km speed running across the front of the eye!