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Auto Racing Introduction

What is auto racing?

One of the motorsports in Japan, "auto race".
Speed ​​that can reach 150 kilometers per hour, the explosive of the machine, the character rich player etc. can not be said in one word.
Here, we will explain the foundation of autorace and the prediction method.


Foundation of auto race and car number color

Normally, 8 cars will compete for victory or defeat by making 6 laps counterclockwise around a 500 m course. Battle will be performed at the limit speed of 150 km / h at the straight part and at ultimate speed of 90 km / h even at the corner. The color is decided for each number so that the car number is easy to understand.

  • 1号車 白

    No.1 car

  • 2号車 黒

    Car 2

  • 3号車 赤

    Car 3

  • 4号車 青

    Car 4

  • 5号車 黄

    No. 5 car

  • 6号車 緑

    Car 6

  • 7号車 オレンジ

    No. 7 car

  • 8号車 ピンク

    Car 8



There are handicap and open race in the race.

Handicap is a start from a handicap line that is different from the start line behind the fast player from the start line on the back, and the late player from the start line ahead by 10 meters.
In the open race, all the athletes start from the start line (zero hunde) and this race is called "open race". Usually it is carried out starting from the 0 m line. Everyone has a race of 10 meters handicap.

Actually there are big differences as to what is different between 0 m open and all 10 m handicap.


※ 1: outside line
※ 2: Extension
※ 3: Start line
※ 4: 10 m handicap line
※ 5: Goal line
※ 6: 1 corner
※ 7: 2 corner
※ 8: 3 corner
※ 9: 4 corner


I am paying attention to the handicap work line. Starting from the start line, it is arranged radially along the outside line in increments of 10 m. The 10 m line has an angle (the inside is close to the goal line and the outside is far) so obviously inner is advantageous (outside is disadvantageous). So it's a handicap in line with 10 meters in total. Conversely, the 0 m open competition starting from the 0 m line (start line) drawn in parallel with the goal line does not have great advantage from inside.

When there are many laps, a strong player comes

Strong players gradually raise the ranking from the back, gradually increasing the ranking, but as the number of laps increases the chances to overtake will also increase, so strong players, fast players, fast players will be more advantageous. You can enjoy the race longer.

the time of the trial run

Perform a trial run before each race and make a 100 m time measurement and announce. This time is the most important factor in measuring the condition of the machine, test running is said to be a big element of auto race prediction.

【100 m time measurement example】

Test runtime: 3.41 $1100 m Time: 3.41 sec

Calculate assumed race time with test run time and handicap

Even if you know the machine's good or bad at the trial run time, you need to consider the handicap where the start position is different. Consider the handicap of 10 m as 0.01 second. You can calculate the assumed race time by adding trial run time and handicap.

Rider number Handicap the time of the trial run Assumed race time
No.1 car 0 3.40 3.400
Car 2 10 3.37 3.380
Car 3 10 3.38 3.390
Car 4 20 3.37 3.390
No. 5 car 20 3.33 3.350
Car 6 30 3.34 3.370
No. 7 car 30 3.35 3.380
Car 8 40 3.32 3.360

The smaller the assumed race time, the quicker it will be the goal, so in theory,

$11st Place No. 5 car 3.350
$12nd Place Car 8 3.360
$13rd Place Car 6 3.370

It becomes 5-8 - 6.

However, each trial run time measurement one by one in turn. On the other hand, it is difficult to run freely like a test run as other players become obstacles in actual races, and players in the back need to pull out. While players in the back are checking each other, the leading players will also run away. To imagine what kind of race it will be a pleasure of anticipating auto racing. Nevertheless it is no doubt that the test run time is important.

$10 Think of Han as the basis

The heavy handicap is strong, not thinking simply, but the real thrill of only the auto race with a handicap that has a handicap that is different from the start position is the only thing to see whether players of 0 han (handicap 0 m) can escape. The tension when the 0 Han player who cheered won won is Max!

Viewpoint of trial run

It is very wasteful to enjoy the auto race to not make predictions until the run-through time comes out.
Looking at the members at the time the entry table was announced, I decided the attention players from past achievements etc., the ideal flow is to see the test run time and make the final decision. Test runs are not only to know about time but also to see "signs". It is a very difficult business to see all the athletes' test run at once, so you should check the number of people to check first.


Confirm distance before and after attention player
Whether the distance has shrunk or spread
Did it spread?

※ 1: 1 corner
※ 2: 2 corner
※ 3: 3 corner
※ 4: 4th corner


If the test run time and your own appearance rating match, the reliability will rise.

Were you missing a mistake, the tires were not slipping, did the course take off outside, turned around?

Since the runner who runs outside opens accelerator, the time gets faster and the player who ran inside will run slower as the player squeezes the accelerator and the time will be late. The competitor 's race style is dominated by which one runs outside or inside. A style that tightens inside and keeps succeeding, so-called in-shop players, the test run time is also slow. A runner who runs with a boom in full throttle accelerates the test run time faster. It is also good to consider this as a correction factor for the test run time.

As an exception, some players do take courses different from usual because they want to try tires and engines. At this time, you can also say "Do not try something ...?"

In addition, although it is supplementary, which of the inside and outside the trial run will run depends on the track condition. In the case of a good runway, even inside and outside can be used, there are cases where only inside can be used if it becomes a wet runway or a plume runway. Let's keep in mind the weather here as well.

Strong players are border

Other than frame number lottery etc., a strong player becomes the outer frame. When you see "Which player is strong", it would be better to check it from the No. 8 car in the outer frame.
So if you say "Will it hit if you buy from the outer frame?" Because it is handicap that it is not necessarily so is the difficulty of auto racing, it is attractive.

Difference between trial run and actual number

In the auto race, the test run runs with the other cars leaving the car, so you can run in the best condition and a fast time will come out. On the other hand, since the actual race is a fight against other players, the distance between vehicles becomes clogged and runs out course, so the race time will be later than the test run time.
The difference between the test run time and the race time is the test run deviation. Interestingly this depends on players. The test run deviation can be seen on the Gamboo (Gamboo) homepage.
The larger the trial deviation, the easier the actual race time will be later than the test run. Conversely, the smaller the trial deviation, the less the race time seems to be too late than the test run. In other words, when predicting a race, it is easier to apply not only handicap times but also test run deviation!

Rider number Handicap the time of the trial run the deviations of the trial run Estimated race time
No.1 car 0 3.40 0.032 3.432
Car 2 10 3.37 0.072 3.442
Car 3 10 3.38 0.097 3.477
Car 4 20 3.37 0.073 3.443
No. 5 car 20 3.33 0.063 3.393
Car 6 30 3.34 0.081 3.421
No. 7 car 30 3.35 0.109 3.459
Car 8 40 3.32 0.077 3.397

If you add the trial run deviation to the trial run time, you can see the estimate of the race time. Using the standard of the race time makes it easier to predict more accurate than just the test run time. If we consider the difference of handicap and start force, we will get closer to the ticket!


Know the relationship between track temperature and tires

The higher the track temperature, the more load is applied to the tire, making the grips harder to work. In this state, heavy handicap will be disadvantageous. Conversely, as the track temperature decreases, the tires become stuck to the road surface, and the heavy handicap becomes advantageous. Speaking of the season, it is said that summer and other hot seasons are said to be "previous leftover" and light escape of the handicap is better. In the cold season such as winter, it is said that "it catches up", and catching up from behind is seen many.
The track temperature changes according to the time zone of the race of the day. In the daytime race and the last race there may be times when the track temperature changes gully.

Adjustment of the machine will win or lose

In the auto race we will use the engine "Super-Engine of AutoRace" (600 cc made by Suzuki, 500 cc, newcomer) developed exclusively for auto racing. And adjustment and maintenance of the engine is entrusted to individual players. Of course it is important to maneuver it, but it is no exaggeration to say that machine performance will affect victory and defeat.

Start timing

Race expansion will be advantageous if you decide start dash.

Average time of start timing (average ST). It is the timing when the player leaves each handicap since the clock of the big clock has become zero.

Rider number Handicap the time of the trial run Average Start Timing
No.1 car 0 3.40 0.16
Car 2 10 3.37 0.15
Car 3 10 3.38 0.10
Car 4 20 3.37 0.11
No. 5 car 20 3.33 0.14
Car 6 30 3.34 0.11
No. 7 car 30 3.35 0.13
Car 8 40 3.32 0.14

Looking at the second car and the third car of this handicap, the second car is faster although the test run time is faster, but you can see that the third car is clearer at the start. You can predict that No. 3 car enters the first corner before the second car. Also, although there are differences between hands 5 and 6 for cars 20 and 30, it is fully conceivable that you can pull out car 5 at the start of car No. 6.
When opening the battlefield, start timing is quite important as it is the same handicap.

Open game is determined by the start

In the open match where the start positions are aligned, how big you can jump out first will have a big effect on win and loss. I ran away earlier than the fast-running time fast, too. It is paying attention to start time.

Weather is important

The track condition will change depending on the weather. Some athletes are good at sunny days depending on the players, others are good at rain. On the other hand, if some players are not good at rain at first-rate players, on the contrary, on a sunny day it is totally weak, but if it rains it is like a fish who got water and runs on a wet road with a swiss fit and it is a player who is said to be "a rain dealer" I will.

【Three patterns of track conditions】

Sunny good circuit Fully dry track
rain wet circuit Completely wet track
Heaviness mottled circuit Semi-dry track

To find riders who are good at rain, you can find them by looking at the percentage of moisture runners in the running table. You can see the Moon lane linkage rate on the Gamboo (Gamboo) homepage.

Rider number Humid win percentage Dual wet ratio of wet Wet 3-fold ratio
No.1 car 37.5% 50.0% 75.0%
Car 2 20.0% 60.0% 50.0%
Car 3 16.7% 16.7% 50.0%
Car 4 75.0% 85.7% 100.0%
No. 5 car 11.1% 11.1% 22.2%
Car 6 27.3% 36.4% 54.5%
No. 7 car $10.0% 20.0% 60.0%
Car 8 47.1% 70.6% 88.2%

● Humidity Victory Ratio: Total Race of the Race Wearing 1 Race in Moving Track
● Humidity 2: Fixed Ratio: Total Race of Races within 2 Races at Moist Run
● Humidity 3: Fixed Ratio: Total Race of Races Within 3 Rims When Moist Runway

When the No. 4 car is raining, the probability of winning is high, so it can be predicted that it will be within 3 rings. Also, it seems that rain is not good for cars No. 5 and No. 7.
It is the song that the weather changes. Although it was a good runway a while ago it was a wet runway due to a sudden heavy rain, and although it was a rainy track until a while ago, the summit looks dry as it gazes at the summit. To the extent that it started falling with the pot, the wet runway will not get wet soon, but you should be concerned about how the subsequent rainfall and weather change. If you are a rainy player who is popular among good runways, a large hole may come out with sudden showering.

Rain is a favorite

It is said that the rain wins in the race when the auto race is winning. Although it may be unsatisfactory from the hole party, conversely speaking, the probability of winning even a beginner will rise. Why do not you just enjoy the auto race because it's raining.

I will buy a ticket

You can purchase from 100 yen per vote. To purchase a car ticket, you can purchase at the race place or the exclusive off-site release place, or you can purchase from the net voting website (※) by personal computer, mobile phone, smartphone.

* It is also possible to purchase auto racing tickets on the Gamboo (Gamboo) homepage. We also publish fulfilled free anticipated information. In addition, it starts with cashback service according to purchase price, full of contents enjoying auto racing with great advantage.

【Type of betting ceremony】

In the auto race there are seven types of betting, such as "triple single", "three consecutive", "two consecutive single", "two consecutive" "wide" "single win", "multiple win", and with your favorite bet formula You can vote. Each one has its characteristic in probability of midpoint and amount of dividend, so let's carefully look at each one. If the probability is low, the amount of dividends will be higher.

(Combination = 336 tactical probabilities 1/336)
It predicts players from 1 to 3 wears. Three players will score as they chose according to the chosen arrival order!
It may be able to get a large refund at 100 yen because the dividend is the highest.

(Combination = 56 kinds of hit probabilities 1/56)
I anticipate 3 athletes from 1 to 3. The order of arrival of the 3 players chosen is irrelevant!
It looks difficult, but hits it unexpectedly? It is! Aim for a medium dividend!

(Combination = 56 kinds of hit probabilities 1/56)
I anticipate two athletes from one to the other. If two players score goal in chosen order, it hits!
Popularity next to triple! Easy and easy to target middle dividends!

(Combination = 28 way probability 1/28)
I anticipate 1st and 2nd athletes. The order of arrival of the 2 players chosen is irrelevant!
It is easy to win because it is okay for two pairs to arrive in reverse.

Quinella Place(Wide)
(Combination = 28 way probability 3/28)
I anticipate two players who are likely to come by the third. If two selected players enter 3 races, it hits!
When you want to taste the joy of the middle, this is recommended!

(Combination = 8 tactical probabilities 1/8)
I anticipate the player wearing one.
Simple and easy to understand!

(Combination = 8 way probability 3/8)
I anticipate one car that will be wearing three.
Of course it is easier to win than a win!

It depends on military capital but it is not that you should buy only one way, no matter how many purchases you purchase, you can purchase multiple betting ceremonies. Even while aiming for a high dividend by triple, it is also a technique to keep it in duplicate.

Buy rainy 0 Han Xin 2nd grade car!

There are a first-class car (displacement 600cc) and a second class car (500cc) where a rookie rides in a race car. Compared to a first class car, the second class car has lower power and lower acceleration power. It will soon be pulled out in parallel. However, Class 2 cars are less likely to cause idling (tire rotation) at the start, because the engine displacement is lower than that of the first class car (there is no engine power). The point is that the grip of the tire is better than the first class car, and the start will end with Sunnari. If it is a good road, it will still be pulled out soon, but if it starts dashing with rain, it will not be possible for the following to catch up. It is a ticket to buy.


$11 Represents the multiplier of the refund (how many times the purchase amount of the tickets will be refunded). While on sale odds will change from moment to moment depending on the overall release situation. You can check on the monitor in the site or the Gamboo website.


You can also see the odds when you buy, and it is okay to see the odds after buying and get excited. Because odds are also said to be the culmination of expectations, there are things that you truly believe in nationwide auto racing fans and obediently win the popular odds group number.

If you get lost, you win with supercomputer forecast!

Supercomputer forecast is the famous anticipated contents of auto knows who you can see from Gamboo! Expectations of high collection rate, which also considered test run time and weather, can be seen for free. If there are races who have been troubled with expectations, let's also rely on supercomputers!


By approaching expectations by factors such as trial run time and handicap, it will be close to hitting, but racing does not run by myself, it is fun because competitors bargain and compete.

Even if the test run time is not so fast, I can run in the in-course all the time, without going beyond the goal as it is. . .

It is fun to predict the race development including that. When it comes to the race as it is deployed it is the best feeling to circle around the tickets!

It is said that seeing a lot of races is a way to the garage teacher. It is good to watch the live at the auto race track and watch live live while relaxing at home computer, and watching net live at a smart phone while drinking with friends is also a good thing.

Expected information is also provided on the Gamboo (Gamboo) homepage. Initially, it is good to purchase the prediction information as it is, but by all means refer to that prediction information to create your unique vehicle ticket technique.

Perhaps you can find the winning method for everyone.
Let's enjoy AUTORACE !!
Good Luck!